Join the in the communicator spirit and choose the services that best suit your needs:

Marketing Specialists for your company

You no longer need to hire a marketing manager with a high salary. We provide marketing and communication specialists, that will take care of your business communication through site visits.

Service of social networking management

We will commission the presence of social networking fro companies, as well as updating content, either with a plan of basic presence (Facebook or Twitter) or a plan of full presence social networking (Youtube or Linkedin)

Websites with a simple design blog

Our websites serve as a bridge to social networks to allow your company to get a good position on Google, as all our pages have a blog which allows us to update the website easily.

Traditional marketing and integrated marketing projects

As is the case with digital marketing, traditional marketing should follow the same criteria set by the communication strategy of your company. We enable all traditional media work to follow the same corporate line.


We train your staff to become aware of the importance of new communication technologies and the Internet.