About Us

Yo Comunico is a media company that aims to communicate everything that happens in your day to day business as well as integrating traditional and digital marketing.

Principals and Values

  • Proactivity
  • Innovation
  • Solutions
  • Enthusiasm
  • Implication

Do you want your business to have a presence on the Internet but don’t have time to focus on it?

At Yo Comunico, we manage your day to day business on social networks, creating and carrying out specific marketing campaigns for your company on Facebook and Twitter.

What are the benefits of Yo Comunico?

    • We work and offer a multitude of ideas not only to give your business a voice but also so you achieve greater benefits. Your profit is ours.
    • Loyalty and greater knowledge of your customers

Obtain new clients

Communicate your business updates to more people and in several languages.

Differentiate from the competition.

Preparation of a marketing plan that integrates traditional and digital marketing.

Why trust us?

  • Because we are an advertising agency that depends on your ideas to carry out a campaign … We are a media company that wants your business to thrive.
  • Because you will not have to waste your precious time in thinking about how to advertise you business ideas … We anticipate your needs, preparing an annual performance calendar with lots of ideas to help your business communicate itself.
  • Because we will not charge you each time you need to make a simple change to your website … With a single monthly fee we will look after your website and social networking updates.
  • Because we won’t disappear when you need to know the current status of your website. You can maintain daily contact with us … We are available every working day of the year.
  • Because we won’t need to be restricted to your website … Our web pages are developed so that any computer can update them easily …

Yo Comunico Partnerships

Yo Comunico has agreements with major hotel associations in Mallorca, for the provision of services related to digital marketing and social networking. The company offers special rates for hotel partners.