See you in Fitur 2014!

Every day more social networks are basic for the advertising and communications space in business. The increasing availability of electronic devices with Internet access anywhere in the world is an increase in the number of times the user accesses any network throughout the day.

Therefore, according to studies , almost 45 % of companies use any Web 2.0 application and over 30 % use blogs . Especially the tourism sector is one of the most important using social media.
Fitur 2014 is proposing learning tools , networking and co -working such as lectures , speed dating , forums … in specific areas such as FITUR KNOW HOW & EXPORT (which will involve 35 companies ) , and FITURGREEN / FITURTECH .

Our company will be in Fitur Thursday and Friday presenting new projects and having new , ideas, providing solutions to companies that want to be on the Internet and do not know how to manage their social networks , blogs , newsletters and any forms of digital communication.

See you in FITUR 2014! 🙂

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